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Donate for Mihai Nesu Foundation and be part at the construction of Saint Nectarie Recovery Campus for Children and teenagers with disabilities

Mihai Nesu Foundation is a friendly NGO, founded by Mihai Nesu in order to sustain children with disabilities with the therapies they need: physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy, hippotherapy, Therasuit and to help them grow and develop as confident children that can enjoy their life the same as healthy children do.

As Saint Nectarie Rehabilitation Center, that was founded almost five years ago is located in Oradea, in a rented space between blocks of flats and is dedicated only to children between 2-14 years old that are growing fast, Mihai Nesu decided to build Saint Nectarie Recovery Center for children and teenagers with disabilities as a social entrepreneurship environment open for all the people (with leisure space, sensory gardens, horse riding, swimming pool, restaurant, mini farm animal, playing area and event room) that can have access to all these services and the money given for these would sustain the medical services for children and teenagers and would give them a chance to be integrated by learning simple jobs that could help them become gardeners, farmers, cookers, waiters.

The entire area will need 20300 mp and the costs are estimated at 3.5 milions euro, money that will be used for the recovery center building, for the adapted playing area, for the accommodation buildings for parents that come from other towns of the country for therapies, for the farm, sensory gardens, restaurant, pool and event area. At this moment Mihai Nesu has already bought the land necessary for all these and now an architect works for the authorization documentation but 3.1 milions euro are still needed. 400 thousands euro were already raised through a national campaign with a short number 8844 where people can donate monthly 2 euros if they are using Vodafone, Telekom or Digi.

Our Mission

Through its projects and charity actions, Mihai Neșu Foundation supports children with neuromotor disabilities in Romania in order to improve their health conditions. Mihai Neșu Foundatios aims to build and coordinate a complex rehabilitation center for children with disabilities, a charity center that responds to the international standards in health and can offer the long term chance for recovery to children with neuromotor disabilities.

Starting point

Mihai Neșu started his charity actions in 2010, a year before his accident, when he offered his service to coach the UVV children’s team in Utrecht, in order to give them the chance to learn from a professional football player. In that period those children parents wanted to reward his involvement and organized a collect of sports equipment that were sent in his country, Romania. Starting from that moment the social initiatives started to take place with Mihai Nesu’s envolvemnet. After his accident during the training and his new health condition, Mihai Nesu decided that he wants to help children with neuromotor disabilities in Romania as he realized that most of them don’t even have the minimum conditions for living with a disability and they couldn’t even hope to have a place where they could have long term therapies that could highly improve their conditions and their lives. His Foundation is now helping on long term more than 115 children with disabilities, that are coming at Saint Nectarie Rehabilitation Center from all over the country, where they have the opportunity to have efficient therapies such as: occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, Therasuit Therapy , hydrotherapy and where he also invested in the first adapted microbus for people with disabilities that is available at the beneficiary request.

Mihai Neșu

Personal data

Name: Mihai Neșu
Birth date: 19.02.1983
Birth place: Oradea, Romania
Height: 1,78 m
Position: Left defender

Trophies won

2000-2001 FC Steaua Bucharest - Champion
2000-2001 FC Steaua Bucharest - Super Cup
2004-2005 FC Steaua Bucharest - Champion
2005-2006 FC Steaua Bucharest - Champion
2005-2006 FC Steaua Bucharest - Super Cup


Mihai Neșu is a former Romanian international who ended his football career just 28 years after an accident happened at the training of FC Utrecht on May 10, 2011, when he fractured his cervical spine, which left him, momentarily, paralyzed from the shoulders down.
Mihai had his first contact with football at the age of 10 in Oradea, being coached by coach Ioan Naom.
At 18, Mihai transfers to FC Steaua Bucharest after being observed at a junior tournament by the second coach of the Bucharest team of that time, Stefan Iovan. Once arrived under the command of Victor Piţurcă, Mihai gradually makes his place in the big team of the Star, starting on April 21, 2002 in the match Oil 1 - 1 Steaua. In the seven years he spent in Ghencea's team, Mihai collected 128 official matches in all competitions, scoring a goal.
In September 2008, Mihai moved to the Netherlands with FC Utrecht, signing a four-year contract. In the first three years, Mihai checked 104 matches in all competitions, scoring two goals, while the last year of the contract due in the summer of 2012 coincided with his injury and his recovery period.
Also, Mihai Neșu has been selected countless times in the national team of Romania, for which he wore the official game shirt eight times.
In his record there are 3 titles of champion of Romania with Steaua Bucuresti and 2 Super Cups.

* We should point out that this is not a website about Mihai Neșu, but about Mihai Neșu Foundation and its activities.