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Saint Nectarios rehabilitation center for children with disabilities - Oradea

In order to fallow the children with disabilities evolution on long term, Mihai Nesu deciden in 2015 to open his own rehabilitation center that would be managed by Mihai Nesu Foundation and will have a charity status. Since the opening of the center more than 500 000 euros where invested in equipments, the specialists’ salaries, trainings, maintenance expenses, rent and sponsorships.
The foundation activity continues with projects that help people with disabilities to have a better life and fundraising events and campaigns that have the aim to raise the minimum 100 000 euros/year that allows The Saint Nectarie Recovery Center to continue its charity mission.

Children with disabilities in Romania Campaign

During 2012-2014, with the money gathered as a result of these two events, the donations made by The Romanian Football Federation and sponsorships from different companies and people, the Mihai Neșu Foundation has helped 27 children by paying for recovery treatments adding up to approximately 76,000 euro in clinics in Romania and abroad or sponsoring their families to further continue the prescribed medical treatment (see MNF report). During January-May 2015, 13 children from different counties in Romania have been supported by the Foundation to continue their treatments with a financial aid in a total of 4824 euro.
As the support of the Mihai Nesu Foundation comes from all over the country, in 2017, together with the children that were helped through the Saint Nectarie Recovery Center , we succeded to help other 29 children from different cities of the country offering them 1328 classes of therapy (hydrotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and Therasuit) and financial support for health care. In 2017 our thoughts and actions were directed also to the children in the hospitals and we donated 49 waterproof mattresses and bed clothes for the beds hosted at Gavril Curteanu Children’s Hospital in Oradea and 20 mattresses and bed clothes for the beds hosted at the Children’s Hospital in Resita. This support, different from the one that we offer daily at the Saint Nectarie Rehabilitation center, managed by Mihai Nesu Foundation, had the value of 17 500 euros.

Hidrotherapy for children with disabilities

Hidrotherapy is an alternative therapy of trating a large variety of diseases due to the water properties. During the hydrotherapy classes children can make movements with a bigger amplitude without stressing the muscles.

Children from Bihor county benefit of hydrotherapy charity classes starting from February 2017 due to a project sponsored by The Vodafone Romania Foundation with 15 000 euros. The Hidrotherapy for disabled children project offers 160 lessons monthly for 45 children with autism, Down Syndrom or Cerebral Palsy. The cost of each class has been sponsored by Vodafone Romania Foundation for one year with 60% , so that the parents of disabled children had to pay only 4.5 euros for one class. The project was sponsored until the end of December 2017 but Mihai Nesu Foundation succeeded to continue the hydrotherapy classes for two more years and is willing to continue it in 2020 too.

TheraSuit Therapy and TOBII

In 2015 Mihai Nesu Foundation applied at the national program The good work, founded by Vodafone Romania Foundation and was one of the winning organization. Mihai Nesu Foundation started the first collaboration with Vodafone Foundation in 2016 when it was the winning organization with a project valued at 70 000 euros. The NGO used the money to buy all the necessary equipment for Therasuit Therapy (a unic therapy in Romania) and TOBII- a communication system that used only the user’s eye movment. The financing covered the physiotherapist and the manaer salaries for the first 6 months and the physiotherapist training in as advanced Therasuit practitioners. The project ended in November 2016 but Therasuit continued to be used until today, when other 3 therapists were sent at the Therasuit training in Kuwait and Prague and due to them more than 70 children around the country come yearly at three or more three weeks intensive sessions with grate results.

The Adapted Transportation service for people with locomotor disabilities

In september 2018 Mihai Nesu Foundation applied again at the Vodafone Romania Foundation at the Good deeds Fund and received a sponsorship of 50000 euros for the project of application. Due to this positive result from that moment Mihai Nesu Foundation offered the first adapted transportation service in Romania for people with disabilities that can be used by any person in Oradea and the surroundings that is using a wheelchair exactly when they need it. Through this project people with disabilities can call to our foundation and schedule a transporation in the programme 9.00 am- 5.00 pm with our driver or even later and in weekends with other two volunteers drivers. The mobile is a Mercedes Sprinter for nine people totally adapted for wheelchairs. The transportation service also provides a stairs adapter device that can help people climb the stairs of the block of flats without getting out of their wheelchair- a very important part for the paraplegic or disabled people. For this charity service the foundation recommends to the beneficiaries to make a donation of 2.5 euros for one trip in Oradea and 15 km in the surroundings and also encourages the supporters of Mihai Nesu Foundation to make online donations for gasolene. The transportation adapted service has changed the life of many people with disabilities by offering them the wings of freedom to go where they need even if they are wheelchair users, to see their friends, to go shopping or go see a doctor, to go at cultural events and to attend to family eventsand this thing was extraordinary for the disabled people used to see just the four walls of their rooms.