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St. Nectarios Recovery Center
for Neuromotor Disabled Children

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Occupational Therapy is

  • a form of treatment that uses specific activities and methods to develop, ameliorate or rebuild the ability to perform the activities necessary to the individual's life, to compensate for dysfunctions and to reduce physical,
  • a method that focuses on helping people gain independence in all their areas of activity. It provides children with varied methods, enjoyable, fun activities to enrich cognitive, physical and motor skills, and to enhance self-confidence.

With occupational therapy, a child with developmental problems will learn to interact with family members and develop social relationships with other children and game partners.

OT focuses on the following:

  • confidence;
  • self-esteem;
  • the ability to make decisions;
  • responsibility for one's own person;
  • awareness of reality;
  • power of concentration, attention, perseverance;
  • frustration tolerance;
  • management of fear, tension and aggression;
  • expression of emotions;
  • body awareness;
  • communication and social skills;
  • potential and energy;
  • motivation

OT can develop:

  • Fine motion skills: movement and dexterity of small muscles in hands and fingers.
  • Coarse motion skills: movement of large muscles in arms and legs.
  • Visual-motion skills: moving a child based on the perception of visual information.
  • Oral-motion skills: movement of the muscles in the mouth, lips, tongue and maxilla.
  • Self-care skills: dressed, fed and going to the toilet.
  • Ability to receive, sort and respond to information received from the environment.

At the Saint Nectarios Recovery Center in Oradea, children can do occupational therapy both in Romanian and in Hungarian. An Occupational Therapy session has a duration of 50 minutes. The parent's contribution for a meeting is 15 lei. The whole cost of the meeting is 45 lei, but 30 lei is the cost sponsored by Mihai Neşu Foundation. We would like to mention that the Saint Nectarios Recovery Center can only be used for long-term, weekly, subscription-based therapies, the aim of which is to help and track the long-term development of children.