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St. Nectarios Recovery Center
for Neuromotor Disabled Children


Hydrotherapy is an alternative method of treating a variety of diseases and diseases by using water properties.

During the hydrokinetotherapy (HKT) program, the movements are performed under peak amplitude discharge conditions and with minimal muscle stress.

HKT general objectives:

  • shortening of elongated muscles and elongation of shortened muscles;
  • correcting body alignment;
  • correcting secondary, compensatory deficiencies;
  • restoring general motion ability;
  • the return to normal of the function of the segment affected by the deficiency;
  • mental stimulation through respiratory gymnastics and simple water corrective exercises.
  • getting the best possible independence in water

At the Saint Nectarios Recovery Center in Oradea, a hydrotherapy session has a duration of 40 minutes. The parent's contribution for a meeting is 20 lei. The entire cost of the meeting is 45 lei, but 25 lei is the cost sponsored by Mihai Neşu Foundation due to the project “Hydrotherapy for children with disabilities” confided by the Vodafone Foundation within the Fund for Good Deeds 2016 until April 2018. Since the year 2018 hydrotherapy sessions are supported by 20 lei from the parents and 25 lei thanks to sponsors and donors Mihai Neşu Foundation.

We note that the St. Nectarios Recovery Center can only provide long-term, weekly, subscription-based therapies, the purpose of the foundation being to help children with disabilities and track their long-term development.