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Saint Nectarie rehabilitation center for children with disabilities

In his first three years after the injury Mihai Nesu stayed in Holland and went to the therapies of Hoogtraat Hospital. In this period he saw a lot of small children coming at therapies with an adapted bus and in the same time he received mails from parents of disabled children in Romania that were saying that they can’t afford the basic therapies for their kids and they need help. Starting from this point Mihai imagined that one day he will come back in Romania and create a Recovery Center for Disabled children in order to help the little ones that had the same suffering as him. In 2015 Mihai Nesu decided to create Saint Nectarios Recovery Center for disabled children that would be managed by Mihai Nesu Foundation. From that moment until December 2019 Saint Nectarios Recovery Center has offered 57504 therapy classes for 180 children, with an investment of 420000 euros in the center common expenses with salaries and bills and an investment of 190 000 euros in equipment and medical trainings.