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St. Nectarios Recovery Center
for Neuromotor Disabled Children

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy studies the special problems of psychological, pedagogical, sociological and medical nature on the prevention and correction of language disorders.
The purpose of speech therapy is to acquire functional communication, not necessarily verbal language.

The child can initially use gestures, images to express himself. The idea is for this communication to be functional, the child to be understood by others.
In speech therapy progresses come according to the rhythm of each child.
Etymologically, the term speech therapy designates science that deals with the education of speech.
The goals of speech therapy can be:

  • Education of phonematic hearing.
  • Education breathing and balance inspire-expir.
  • Improving the movement of phono-articular organs.
  • Optimizing spatial-temporal orientation.
  • Achieving optimal orientation in the body schema.
  • The development of the fine muscles of the hand.
  • Optimizing ocular-motion coordination to achieve calligraphic writing.
  • Follow the development of the cognitive plan and the imaginative process.
  • Developing active and passive vocabulary, impressive and expressive language.

At the Saint Nectarios Recovery Center in Oradea, children can do speech therapy both in Romanian and in Hungarian. A speech therapy session lasts for 50 minutes. The parent's contribution for a meeting is 15 lei. The whole cost of the meeting is 45 lei, but 30 lei is the cost sponsored by Mihai Neşu Foundation. Please note that the St. Nectarios Recovery Center can only be used for long-term, weekly, subscription-based therapies, the purpose of the Foundation being to help and track the long-term development of children.